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Synthesis SyncML Clients for mobile devices (PDA) bring SyncML compatibility to widespread mobile OS platforms like Android, PalmOS and Windows Mobile. This allows mobile over-the-air (OTA) synchronisation with any compliant SyncML server (such as Memotoo,, SyncWise, Oracle Calendar and Beehive, eGroupware, Horde, WinFonie, SyncEvolution, MDaemon, OpenXchange, DeskNow,, O-Sync and many many more) Memotoo: Download, evaluation and purchase: ---------------------------------- - Android: Download from here, free 30 day evaluation period starts activation in the registration menu, license for unlimited later use can be purchased online (see 'buy online' link) - Windows Phone 8: Download from here (LITE) or from here (STD), free 30 day evaluation - Windows Mobile, PalmOS: Download from here, free 30 day evaluation period starts automatically after the first installation on the device, license for unlimited later use can be purchased online (see 'buy online' link) - iPhone, iPad:These products are now available from ---------- STD (standard version) ---------- Synchronisation of contacts, calendar and tasks; secure server connection via SSL/https supported ---------- Features: - Mobile synchronisation using SyncML standard (all OMA-DS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0) - Synchronizes via any available internet connection (WiFi, 3G, Edge, GPRS, LTE, cradle - depending on device) - Stable mobile sync experience through Suspend&Resume support which allows resuming sync after intentional or unintentional interruption. - PRO only (WinMobile/PalmOS only): True push through Server Alerted Notification (SAN) - the server can initiate a synchronisation when new data is available using a notification binary SMS message - Does not interfere with platform's native synchronisation --> - Synchronizes (depending on platform and application variant) contacts, events, tasks and (Palm only) notes. - PRO only (WinMobile/PalmOS only):
Synthesis SyncML Client STD for Windows Mobil
Synthesis SyncML Client - License agreement ------------------------------------------- By downloading, using or installing Synthesis SyncML Client Software ("SyncML Client"), you agree to all of the terms of this agreement. This is not free software. Subject to the terms below, you are hereby licensed by Synthesis to use the SyncML Client only according to the follwing terms. You are allowed to evaluate the SyncML Client without charge for a period of 30 (thirty) days starting from the day of the first use of the SyncML Client. This is called the "Demo Period". To continue using the SyncML Client after the Demo Period is over, you must obtain a valid license code from Synthesis AG or from an authorized re-seller of Synthesis AG. The license code will remove the Demo Period restriction from the SyncML Client and thus grants you the right to use the same number of copies of the SyncML Client as the number of licenses purchased for an unlimited time. A purchase of a license code (independently of the number of copies of the software the code allows you to use in parallel) entitles you for basic support. Basic support is limited to email questions and is only accepted from the original purchaser of the license code. If the software is re-distributed to many users within an organisation, it is the responsability of the orginal purchaser of the license code to make sure support requests are collected and filtered from duplicate and non-relevant questions before forwarding them to Synthesis AG. Synthesis may require that SyncML Client connects to Synthesis' registration server to validate the license information entered. All rights of any kind in SyncML Client which are not expressly granted in this License are entirely and exclusively reserved to and by Synthesis AG. You may not modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on, SyncML Client. WARRANTY DISCLAIMERS AND LIABILITY LIMITATIONS SYNCML CLIENT, AND ANY AND ALL ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE, FILES, DATA AND MATERIALS, ARE DISTRIBUTED AND PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITH NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. You acknowledge that good data processing procedure dictates that any program, including SyncML Client, must be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before you rely on it, and you hereby assume the entire risk of using the program. THIS DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY CONSTITUTES AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THIS LICENSE. ANY LIABILITY OF SYNTHESIS AG WILL BE LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY TO REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE, IF ANY. IN ADDITION, IN NO EVENT SHALL SYNTHESIS AG, OR ITS PRINCIPALS, SHAREHOLDERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES, CONTRACTORS, SUBSIDIARIES, OR PARENT ORGANIZATIONS, BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RELATING TO THE USE OF SYNCML CLIENT, OR TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH SYNTHESIS AG. IN ADDITION, IN NO EVENT DOES SYNTHESIS AG AUTHORIZE YOU TO USE SYNCML CLIENT IN APPLICATIONS OR SYSTEMS WHERE SYNCML CLIENT'S FAILURE TO PERFORM CAN REASONABLY BE EXPECTED TO RESULT IN A SIGNIFICANT PHYSICAL INJURY, OR IN LOSS OF LIFE. ANY SUCH USE BY YOU IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND YOU AGREE TO HOLD SYNTHESIS AG HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OR LOSSES RELATING TO SUCH UNAUTHORIZED USE.



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